M. Cilento & F.llo since 1780

Our boutique could not but offer a small, careful section dedicated to men’s perfumery.
Magical and refined essences come together and give life to Cilento perfumes, unique fragrances dedicated to the glories of ancient and modern Naples that combine style, quality and Neapolitan tradition: “Manica a Mappina”, “Settepieghe 1780”, “203”, “204”, “Semmenzella”, “Cassa Armonica 1877”, “Cornucopia”, “Real Passeggio di Chiaia 1778-1780” and the latest addition “Braida” , an ancient term from which the name of the Brera district derives, in honor of the new Milanese headquarters and the history of the quarter and the nearby Botanical Garden.

Logo M. Cilento & F.llo dal 1780

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