M. Cilento & F.llo since 1780

The man who dresses in Cilento seeks timeless elegance and comfort for every occasion

Along with custom-tailored apparel, Cilento offers a vast assortment of clothing, from classic to sportswear.
An indispensable item in a man’s wardrobe is certainly an overcoat and the Cilento maison has always taken great care in offering jackets, coats and raincoats in a variety of styles, weights and lengths. Our coats are in cashmere, wool and wool and cashmere mixed, in both single and double-breasted styles. Raincoats, both short and long, are made of water-repellent cotton or silk. Our wide selection of overcoats is completed by duffel coats, quilted and waterproof jackets from the Cilento sportswear line, hunting jackets, tabards, jackets and summer jackets.

Cilento also offers a very wide choice of pullovers in cashmere, wool, Vicuna, pure camel hair and cotton, extremely elegant and rare ribbed cardigans in cashmere or cotton, polos in cashmere, cashmere and silk or in pure cotton, all customizable, denim-cut trousers, vests, casual shirts and everything needed to complete the wardrobe of the elegant and refined man who represents style and good taste.

All Cilento garments are designed and made following the traditional sartorial rules of elegance and style which have their roots in more than two hundred and forty years of history which ensures that each piece is an expression of uniqueness and refinement and, due to their high quality, acquires more charm and character over time.

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