Golden Lion for Entrepreneurship awarded to Ugo Cilento and his historic brand

International Grand Prize of Venice – Golden Lion for Professional Merits awarded to Ugo Cilento. A significant recognition from Venice to Neapolitan tailoring art and Maison Cilento 1780, now in its eighth generation.

The Golden Lion of Saint Mark, since 1932, is a acknowledgment of commitment and capability. A prize for citizens who have distinguished themselves by contributing to the economic and civil growth of society.

Among the most prestigious names that have received the award in recent years are magistrates Nicola Gratteri and Catello Maresca, in the entertainment industry Alba Parietti and Alfonso Signorini, in sports Ciro Immobile and Carolina Morace. … continues

Leone d’Oro per l’imprenditoria a Ugo Cilento e al suo storico marchio
Home 1 Cravatte
Home 2 Abbigliamento
Home 3 Calzoleria

Maison Cilento suits are rigorously tailor-made to measure, upholding Neapolitan sartorial tradition with unique, precious and elegant fabrics.

Each garment is fitted on the customer’s body in order to obtain unparalleled fit and comfort.

Home 4 Sartoria new


The stylish details of the Maison Cilento that complete the timeless and elegant man's wardrobe
Home Box 1 Guanti
Home Box 2 Accessori da Viaggio
Home Box 3 Cappelli e sciarpe


Maison Cilento’s accessories for the timeless, elegant woman
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