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Cilento 1780

M. Cilento & F.llo since 1780

Cilento 1780 shoes, an example of the highest art of shoemaking employing the best Neapolitan artisans, are crafted based on designs by Ugo Cilento, made entirely by hand at every step, with quality leather and exclusively with Goodyear or Norwegian manufacturing to guarantee comfort, resistance, impermeability and style. The leathers used are English or French calf, kid, Russian reindeer, goatskin, suede, elephant, crocodile and ostrich.
Many models are on offer and meet the most diverse dressing needs: moccasins, derbies, lace-ups, ankle boots, amphibians, oxfords, and ankle boots. Each shoe is a unique product, a small masterpiece of high craftsmanship.
Cilento footwear can also be made entirely to measure and embellished with gold or silver inserts or buckles upon request.

Logo M. Cilento & F.llo dal 1780

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