The Cilento Lounge is a project that Ugo Cilento has designed in order to promote the pursuit of elegance and culture

On the first floor of the Palazzo d’Aquino Caramanico, the Cilento Living space was born as a space for meetings and conversations and is today a cultural association which organizes dissertations, readings, excellent wine tastings, moments of solidarity and mundane cultural encounters as required within the best tradition of the lounges of the past.

Over the years several designers, successful entrepreneurs, men and women of culture, great chefs and renowned wine producers have been hosted at the Cilento Living space such as: Alessandra Fulginiti Valgrisa house of the Aosta Valley; Romeo Gigli; Dominique Dormeuil that had reissued the Sportex 4 Ply 1949 exclusively for the Cilento maison;
Ilary Freeman from the historic English Maison with the handmade Edward Green shoes and Jonathan Church of Cheaney maison, Amarelli Pina, president of Licorice Amarelli since 1731, Livia Frescobaldi of de ‘Frescobaldi family, thirty generations of winemakers in Tuscany, Gennaro Esposito chef holding two Michelin stars of Torre del Saracino of Sejanus, Eugenio Alphandery from the historic Florentine Officina Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, Otto Mantero from the Carlo Riva company.

The association Living Cilento also belongs to the archive and the historic collection of family Cilento. A the result not only of centuries- of a historic Maison, but also the research that Ugo Cilento has been working on for years to restore and enhance the historical memory of the sector.

The collection includes uniforms and vestments of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, collars and cuffs of the Victorian age, vintage shoes, couture exhibitors, handmade sketches, samples of ancient fabrics, furnishings and other curious and valuable memorabilia.

There are early mannequins made of wood, the forms for shoes and those for hats, decorated pincushion, wooden measures: all designed instruments, of the time, combining function and aesthetics, memory of the costumes but also examples of refined manufacturing and superior craftsmanship.