The handmade umbrellas of the Maison Cilento are objects of great elegance, consist of a single wooden keg with a leg horn and precious fabric. The handle is a masterpiece: handmade worked, can be made from:  horn, bamboo wood, olive trees, rattan, chestnut, broom and other precious woods.


The cufflinks from Cilento Maison are small jewels to be worn every day and on special occasions. Silver or gold, designed and handmade, worked in enamel with precious or semi precious stones. A vast collection with classic and formal proposals, but also with more spirit interpretations like the line for good luck symbols: the red…

Hats and Scarves

From timeless Panama top hat, man’s hat is often an essential item of clothing, emblem of sophistication, elegance and timeless style. The range of hats that offers the fashion Maison is wide and ranges from traditional English cloth cap of Lock & Co. to Lobbia Homburg hat til a Magiostrina hat in natural straw. Equally…


Suspenders are the must – have accessory of a modern dandy. Finished leather, with clips or buttons, single-colored or fancy represent the charming element par excellence: playing the severity of a classic dress, brightening up your shirt and are a reliable support, elastic and not trivial at all.

Work bags

The Cilento1780 handmade briefcases are the accessory par excellence for an elegant man. Made of fine leather are manually processed and finished.  Available in different designs and for every need, even in precious crocodile and can be customized on request with buckles, inserts or other details.