Buckskin, calfskin, peccary lined or unlined, the Cilento 1780 gloves, for both men and women, are the essential accessory to complete an elegant wardrobe. Handmade according to the ancient Neapolitan tradition of the glove makers and are offered in a wide range of colours. The inner liners are available both in cashmere and wool.


The scarves or so known foulards from the Cilento Maison are hand-sewn with pure printed silk on exclusively designed by Ugo Cilento: geometric or floral patterns, commemorative or figurative subjects make up the wide range of proposals.


Exclusive handmade handbags in tanned leather, fine silk scarves, gorgeous cashmere cloaks, fine gloves and elegant footwear are just some of the accessori es designed for the women who like to stand out and look for style and true quality.

Respoche suits

In order to create a Cilento 1780 suit, it takes about forty hours of work, a set of manual steps that begins with take careful measurements. A job that requires sharp scissors and steady hands for a precise cut, patience and skill to perfect stitching. The Cilento drapery includes the best Italian and English fabrics…

Tailor-made Shirt

Cilento carefully selects precious fabrics to manufacture bespoke shirts. The yarns Carlo Riva, worked on artisanal looms dating back to 1910, are top quality Italian excellence produced in limited series: monochrome or fancy precious cottons, handled by internal specialized dressmakers giving shape to unique and customizable shirts. The precision and attention to the details: sewn…

Silk Seven Folds and Knitted

Jacquard silk, printed, patterned, regimental or spotted ties: the choice is wide either by design or by colour. Among all, the seven folds stand, the undisputed masterpiece of craftsmanship and symbol of the Cilento Maison 1780: in order to make a Seven fold tie, at least three hours of work are needed and a double…

Papillon e Ascot

A charming accessory, for different occasions and for the nicest outfits, the bow tie is a distinctive sign. Traditional or pre-assembled, presented in silk or wool and with different geometric or fancy patterns. The limited edition of selected tissues from the Cilento Maison, works on a strictly manual processing, transforming it into a unique and …

Limited edition

The limited edition ties signed Cilento 1780 celebrate special events, rituals, passions and crafts. Born from the desire and imagination of  Ugo Cilento they stand out for their originality and design. Napoli, superstition, the passion for wine, the ancient crafts and professions are just some of the patterns covered on the limited edition ties. Among…

Cashmere, Wool and Knitted

The knitted, wool or cashmere tie is a pleasant alternative to the silk. Typical clothing of the English countryside, is today worn with ease, even in formal situations. Single colour or fancy – polka-dot or striped – this collection is an expression of the most authentic sartorial tradition of the Cilento Maison.